DumbStuff: The attempted murder charge

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One of the dumbest aspects of our US court system is the attempted murder charge. It’s the Get Out of Jail Free card for murderers.

So an individual can go after a target, with the full intent to kill them – after all, it’s attempted murder – and just because the victim somehow manages to survive the attack, the punishment can be much less severe.

Maybe the murderer is a merely a bad shot, so he gets off easier. Maybe the victim just happened to turn away in just the right way, as to have the bullet or knife slip by a vital area. Maybe the victim was just lucky.

And because of any and all of that, the criminal, who was out to kill, gets a lesser sentence.

I agree that the charge should be classified as attempted murder, but the punishment should equal that of a murder charge.

Letting a killer off easy is just idiotic.

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Off Topic: On issue of PEDs, Larry King strikes out and SI’s Tom Verducci hits a home run

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I ran across the following video – and as huge baseball fan, I had to post it here.

Larry King and Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci debated the topic of allowing performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. Amazingly, King is all for the use of PEDs, suggesting if you legalize them in sports, then it’s somehow a level playing field and suggested it would allow those who want to damage their bodies to do so freely.

What kind of a half-cocked argument is that. What about the players who want to depend on their natural abilities and hard work, without the risk of long-term damage to their bodies?

Thankfully Tom Verducci states he doesn’t want to see success in sports based on who has the best chemist on staff. And he’s right!!

PEDs have damaged baseball and other sports. Major League Baseball looked the other way while a group of cheating players assaulted the record book. Why? – because the assault put bodies in the seats and more viewers in front of TVs.

Hank Aaron is STILL the all-time leader in home runs and Roger Maris STILL holds the single-season mark.

Of course, the subject of PEDs is not really so off-topic for the blog, as we’ve seen reports about their use in greyhound racing and horse racing.


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