IFAW releases results from investigation into online puppy sales

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Since the word hasn’t reached everyone about the importance and benefits of adopting homeless pets, the push continues to inform the general public about the dangers of buying puppies, kittens and other pets online or in stores.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) requested that I publish the following report from its investigation into online puppy sales:

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New study investigates the Internet puppy trade across the U.S.
Actor, Writer Ben Stein joins IFAW in urging consumers to think twice before purchasing a dog online

(Washington, DC – December 11, 2012) – A new investigation into online puppy sales highlights the problem of the Internet being used as a tool for exploiting dogs and consumers.

To bring awareness to the magnitude of the issue, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW- www.ifaw.org ) today released its latest investigative report, How Much is that Doggie on my Browser? The Truth Behind Online Puppy Sales, marking the first publicly available large-scale examination of the connection between Internet puppy sales and suspected puppy mill operations. Continue reading

Campaign growing to urge eBay to stop allowing animal sales on its classified section

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A press release this morning from Change.org reports over 100,000 animal lovers have joined the online campaign to urge eBay to ban animal sales from the classified section of its website.

eBay does not allow these sales under its auction section, but it is allowed on eBay Classifieds.

One of the many important statements in the press release is this – “” Puppy mills are commercial breeders who mass-produce animals under inhumane conditions, resulting in heath and behavior problems that buyers often don’t discover until after they’ve taken their new pet home. “”

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