Major paper company agrees to halt destruction of natural forests in Indonesia

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Asia Pulp & Paper Group, called one of the largest paper producers in the world, has agreed to stop its suppliers from cutting down natural forests in Indonesia, as reported by the Associated Press.

This is being hailed as an important step in protecting vital habitat for endangered animals such as orangutans and Sumatran tigers. The company worked with Greenpeace and the Forest Trust.

Deforestation is a huge, but too-often under-reported problem. The Earth is losing massage amounts of forests, including extremely important rainforests, every day. Greed – again – is the major player. I hope Asia Pulp & Paper is serious about this move.


Interesting comment on TV this morning

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I happened to walk past the TV today as one of the morning news shows was playing a segment on a legal subject. I’m not sure about the specific topic of discussion, other than it was a legal matter. (I didn’t have time to stop and watch the entire segment.)

But one phrase caught my attention and when I reached my desk, I jotted it down so I wouldn’t forget it. “Ethically intelligent” was the phrase the person being interviewed used. He was suggesting that some action might be legal, but not ethically intelligent.

What a great phrase. In too many ways, the world and our own country has degraded – morally and ethically. I’m talking specifically here about GREED. As I’ve noted on a number of occasions, GREED is one of the worst ills we’re facing right now.

Why do I write about GREED (in all caps) on an animal-welfare blog? Because along with the obvious negative impacts on humans, GREED is the key player in wildlife habitat destruction, the horrors of puppy mills, dog fighting, the on-going devastation to the Earth’s rainforests, the number of animals on the endangered species list, global climate change and more.

Take the Rhino for example. Some people are willing to wipe these great animals off the face of the Earth to profit on the material in their horns. Others are more than willing to send sharks into extinction to produce shark fin soup. And what if they killed the last shark and the last rhino tomorrow? –  These greed-soaked and greed-stained individuals would only consider it a loss in short-term profit.

Greed is not ethically intelligent. Killing off species of animals is not ethically intelligent. Torturing animals for any reason is not ethically intelligent. Destroying vital wildlife habitat is not ethically intelligent. These things are not intelligent in any way – ethically, morally or otherwise.

Deforestation in the Amazon increasing at alarming rate

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This an extremely important story that will sadly get little attention in the cloud that is the national media. A significant increase in the level of deforestation is being witnessed in the Amazon rainforests in Brazil – as reported on the Huffington Post website.

Some Brazilian farmers are calling for a weakening of environmental laws in the region to allow for more deforestation. The cost of allow this to happen and allowing for any more deforestation of rainforest anywhere is tremendously huge.

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