Oklahoma tornado survivor finds her dog buried under rubble during TV interview

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Within the devastation in the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornadoes, a woman finds her lost dog, buried under the pieces of her leveled home.

It’s a great reunion caught on video, but the TV crew could have been a bit more helpful.

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Video: Tennessee Walking Horses rescued from abuse

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Far too often, when contests for money or prizes are mixed with animals, the animals suffer for it. I’m not saying it happens across the board, but it does happen.

We need serious oversight in cases like this.

In the case of the following video, we find horses being abused to make them walk with a high step with their front legs, in Tennessee walking horse shows. I don’t get it.

Once again, the Humane Society of the United States led the charge to save these horses. The practice of applying chemicals to the lower legs of these horses is called “soring.” Anyone caught doing this should be in prison as soon as possible.

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Video: HSUS documents seal slaughter

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The Humane Society of the US is documenting the suffering that is going on at the hands of those slaughtering baby seals on the Canadian sea ice.

How anyone could live with themselves after inflicting this sort of suffering on innocent beings is beyond what I can comprehend.

WARNING: Graphic content.

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LAPD officers save the life of a pit bull and then adopt him

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MyFoxLA reports a pit bull was recently hit by car in Los Angeles and was left suffering on the side of the road for hours, while people walked by without even calling for help. But three LAPD police officers spotted him and saved his life.

He was rushed to an emergency facility, where a microchip was found that allowed them to locate Philly’s guardian. But they could not afford the $10,000 medical bill that covers the repair of his broken leg.

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KTTV reported the dogs previous guardian was quoted as saying, “We can’t afford it. Put him down. We don’t want him.” I can understand how $10,000 is too much for some people to afford, but the “Put him down; we don’t want him” part is sad.

Three of the police officers have adopted Philly.