The Westminster Wolf-Hybrid Show

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An Associated Press story about the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show offered some interesting information about one of the two new “breeds” introduced this year – the Treeing Walker Hound.

The article notes this hound was “developed from” the Walker Foxhound Virginia Hounds and English Foxhounds. So what does this make the Treeing Walker Hound? – Yes, it’s a mixed-breed dog – a mutt. But of course, all of the dogs in this show and all other dog shows are the result of cross-breeding – some going back thousands of years. And again, their common ancestors are wolves.

I’m not slamming particular breeds of dogs. I love them all. My wife and I have rescued bassets and greyhounds and labs and mutts. But the promotion of dog breeds by shows and kennel clubs is actually just that – promotion and marketing.

Okay, it’s interesting and the dogs look great. But they’re all wolf hybrids.


Animal welfare legislative update

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The Pack News Wire has featured several news stories concerning legislative action in various states.

Request in for a vote on Michigan wolf hunting: Animal welfare advocates in the state are pushing for a vote, in an effort to ban wolf hunts. The Detroit Free Press article reminds us that the federal government wrongly dropped endangered species protection for wolves and Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill in December that designates wolves as game animals. The Natural Resources Commission will get the final word on the issue.

Animal advocates are gather signatures on a petition, to force a referendum.

A need for better cruelty laws in Kentucky: The latest push in Kentucky is for better laws to protect animals from cruelty. The WBKO article notes the state is known as one of best in the country for abusers to live, due to the current, weak regulations.

Pennsylvania House votes to require guardians of seized animals to pay for their care: The Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs and the American Kennel Club don’t like this one. Of course, it seems the AKC fights against any protections for animals.

House Bill 82 passed January 23 by a 163-34 vote. The Reporter website notes that under the “Costs of Care of Seized Animals Act,” welfare organizations would be able to “” petition the court to seek “reasonable costs of care” — up to $15 per animal per day for food, water, and shelter, plus necessary medical costs as determined by a veterinarian –  “” from those facing criminal charges.


Most popular dog breed is actually the mutt

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The AKC has announced its annual list of the most popular dog breeds in the US. Of course in this case, its nothing more than an advertising gimmick to promote the sale of pure-bred dogs.

I beg to differ on which ‘breed’ is actually at the top of the list. The mutt is the all-time greatest and I contend that these dogs are the most popular. And of course, the most popular dog in 2013 should be the rescue dog – no matter what breed they are.

And after all – they’re all mixed-breeds. All dogs are wolf-hybrids. Some people are still paying thousands of dollars for some ‘champion’ dog of some royal-lineage, when they all can be traced back to wolves.

All so-called pure-bred dogs are the result mixed-breeding – in many cases going back thousands of years.  So ultimately, they are all mutts – domesticated wolf mutts.

And finally and sadly, there are people promoting the slaughter of your dog’s relatives out in the wild, in a number of states.

Pack Topics: Gas chambers; hunting wolves with dogs; puppy millers want to keep dogs

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The Pack Topics series continues today with a focus on the odd mentality of those from the other side.

Gas Chambers: Despite reports that dogs were surviving a gas chamber in Fairfield County, Ohio, three county commissioners there want more time to consider a ban on the horrible practice. And they requested more time to study the issue despite hearing that dogs who survived the chambers were thrown into an incinerator – while still alive.

An editorial notes approximately 10 of Ohio’s 88 counties still use gas chambers. It is sad to think that we are even discussing this topic euthanizing homeless pets, even if it is only those who are suffering through some terrible injury or ailment. But no counties should be using gas chambers.

Lawsuit filed to stop wolf hunting with dogs in Wisconsin: A lawsuit has been filed in Wisconsin to stop the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Natural Resources Board (NRB) from allowing wolf hunts with dogs.

Let’s give this one a Pack of Clueless. A article includes this sentence: “Supporters of the rule don’t expect there to be any problems. The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, for one, doesn’t believe there’s any basis to support the notion that dogs and wolves would fight.”
A wildlife federation, with people working in the organization who don’t know dogs are basically wolf-hybrids? This is clueless on a grand scale.
Puppy mill couple wants more dogs: This one is just sad. The Jones County, NC couple who pleaded guilty last week to 19 counts of animal cruelty, for running a puppy mill, is challenging the ruling that bans them from having animals for five years.
The couple denies animal cruelty took place, but an article by WNCT notes prosecutors said many of the dogs “had life threatening infections and diseases.”
Of course, the ruling should have been a lifetime ban on possessing animals.

Pack Line Headlines: Florida dog-racing bills, Alaska aerial shooting of bears, 128 dogs in a U-Haul

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128 dogs and a cat found suffering in the back of a truck: Two women have been charged with animal cruelty in Tennessee after a U-Haul truck was pulled over and 128 dogs and a cat were found being transported without food, water or proper ventilation.

According to a story by the Commercial Appeal in Memphis – the animals had been locked in the truck for several days without food and water on a trip from California to Virginia. One was found dead and others were discovered standing in their own feces.

The women run a rescue organization – maybe – and it turns out they were transporting the dogs in the U-Haul and in a minivan towed behind the truck. If they run a legitimate rescue, what in the hell were they thinking?

Alaska lifts ban on aerial killing of bears by state officials: They’re calling it “culling” because they must think this is somehow a kinder way of putting it. But in reality, Alaska’s “Board of Game” – another heartless wording – has decided to lift a regional ban on the aerial shooting of bears by state officials.

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Gray wolf to be removed from Endangered Species List in Great Lake states

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Early this afternoon, I received a press release from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, indicating the gray wolf will be removed from “the list of endangered and threatened wildlife and plants” in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin and in portions of adjoining states.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the wolf populations have recovered in the region enough to prompt this move.

The news of the recovery of the populations is great, but I always worry when a formerly endangered species is removed from the list. I want to make sure these animals maintain some degree of protection, otherwise it is too easy for them to return to the list.

The Associated Press story included the following troubling paragraphs –

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Video: Wolves in peril after Endangered Species protections removed

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Wolves must be placed back on the Endangered Species List.

Friends of Animals and other groups are pushing back against the Interior Department and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who should be fired – TODAY.

Thank goodness TV host like Jane Valez-Mitchell are fighting for animals.

Go to for more information.


Wyoming representative wants to strip protections for wolves

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A special PACK OF PUTRID PUNDITRY AWARD tonight goes to U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.).

She is pushing hard to remove Endangered Species protections for wolves in the state of Wyoming. And she will try any trick in the book (or out of the book) to do so.

Her latest bit of trickery is to legislate protection for any agreement the state and federal government might make to delist the state’s roughly 300 wolves. She wants to make sure any such agreement cannot be challenged in court.

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Wolves to lose endangered species protection

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I’m late getting this news posted, but it is too important to go unreported here. Sadly, more than 1,300 gray wolves in the Northern Rockies will be removed from the endangered species list within 60 days.

The move was part of an attachment to a budget bill that was signed into law Friday by President Obama. It’s a terrible decision and it’s a terrible way to sneak something like this through.

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