Legislation to ban shelter gas chambers and a proposed ban on in-store pet sales

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Two important bills are in the works in Michigan and Virginia and we can only hope the movement spreads.

In Michigan, the legislation could shut down gas chambers at animals shelters. It is a cruel practice that does not take into account the emotional and physical pain the animals suffer.

While it is a tragedy each time a homeless pet loses their live in a shelter, the only acceptable method should be injection.

Over in Virginia, the state legislature is considering a ban on the sale of pets from puppy mills in stores. Bailey’s Law – named for a puppy mill survivor – made it through a Senate committee on Thursday.

Of course, any such legislation should involve an outright ban on the sale of dogs and cats in stores.

Another clear case of where better laws could have an impact on puppy mills

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I continue see where those opposed to anti-puppy mill laws are claiming current laws are enough. Logic tells is this is not true and we continue to see cases where puppy mills were allowed to operate for far too long.

Another example played out this week in Arkansas, where complaints started a year ago against a puppy mill in Sebastian County – according to a THV11 report.

If better regulations were in place, to hold breeders in the state to clear standards on the housing and care, we wouldn’t see the suffering go on for months or years.

Another article concerning this story ran on 5NewsOnline on Monday.

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