Warped Mentality: Dog racing insiders stunned by live baiting; ignore suffering and deaths of dogs

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Yep – here it is, as expected. The stunning news about live baiting in greyhound racing in Australia is fresh off the presses and already the talking heads inside the industry are in full propaganda mode.

And the owners of some dogs seized in the wake of the investigation are calling for their return. They are concerned for the welfare of their dogs, according to a story posted today on the Australian Racing Greyhound site.

Really? I wonder if any of the trainers or “owners” showing concern for the dogs taken during this investigation ever expressed concern for the dogs regularly killed in racing, breeding practices or in discarding the dogs that never make the grade in training?

Don’t tell is you’re worried about the welfare of dogs being housed during a criminal investigation while you never show concern for the ongoing deaths and injuries supported by the industry.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports one “owner” used a threat this week of a Supreme Court injunction to get his two dogs back. Two of xxx dogs were under the care of Darren McDonald, who was a central player in the live-bailing scandal.

But Brad Canty gets his dogs back. It is possible that the caving in is well underway for this investigation.

And article by the Herald Sun seems to suggest the betting on dog races hasn’t slowed down. Despite the cruelty exposed and the news that the outcome of races were likely skewed by illegal training practices, the fans of dog racing just can’t let any of that get in the way of supporting the industry.

Here in the US, where the gambling isn’t clean I’m sure and dog racing is equally disgusting, at lest there was outrage over even a hint of cheating in the NFL playoffs.

In Australia’s greyhound racing, it seems a lot of gamblers are more than willing to be cheated out of their money. If it means they’ll get to watch dogs risk their lives, then it’s “here, take my money; cheat away.”

The Herald Sun quotes GRSA chief executive Matt Corby as saying:

“There is some forgiveness for an industry that says ‘we can’t be that and we need to change it’ and that’s unconditional.”

So after decades of abusing dogs and in light of the exposure of probably decades of animal torture at training facilities and after many, many years of animal-welfare advocates calling for an end to the suffer, you are calling for forgiveness.

Nothing about the dogs still dying in races. Nothing about the severe injuries and suffering. Let that go on?

If you really want forgiveness, shut down the industry and work to find loving homes for the dogs. And stop with the propaganda.

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