Absurd statements in CNN article about auction to kill black rhino

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I was stunned when I read an article tonight on the CNN website concerning the Dallas Safari Club auction, where the highest bidder “won” a permit to kill a black rhino in Africa.

The article states the high bidder actually participated to “save the species and raise awareness about wildlife conservation.” If this is the case, why doesn’t he simply write the check and stay home or travel to Africa and take photos of the rhinos.

But instead, Corey Knowlton is quoted as saying. “I want to experience a black rhino.” Again, go observe them, but don’t kill them.

And then the article took a troubling, completely unscientific turn, where the pro-killing side claims they know something about science. And here it is –

He said the threat to the rhino is from its own kind.

The claim is the older rhinos are not important to the herd and can actually harm the others or they others will harm the older rhino and this will do more harm to the species numbers. The only real threats to the rhinos are from hunters and poachers. Anyone who tries to claim otherwise must have failed science, horribly.

The actions within the herd would not be problematic and would merely be part of the natural behavioral patterns within the herd, if the species was not being hunted to extinction by uncaring humans. But the article goes on –

So Knowlton argues, why not let a hunter pay a massive amount of money to take out a threat to the rest of the species.

Completely absurd. That statement would ONLY make sense if he was talking about taking out the poachers. Otherwise, it’s as asinine a statement as anyone can make.

Thankfully, the Humane Society of the US will fight any effort to present Knowlton with a permit to transport the poor rhinos body back to the US to become a trophy.

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