Wacky Quote of the Week: Dog racing lobbyist calls out casinos

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With increasing frequency, I’m reading quotes that jump off the page of articles or editorials due to the complete wackiness of the statement. Some politicians are well known for stunning quotes, but we can always rely on greyhound racing supporters and puppy mill supporters for off-the-chart statements.

It happened again this morning, from a dog-racing supporter. Don Avenson has been lobbying of late for the Iowa Greyhound Association. The Soiux City Journal quoted Avenson as stating casinos are an industry “built on false dreams and glitter.”

You support dog racing and you say casinos are “built on dreams and glitter?” Greyhound racing has been built on a horrible history of animal exploitation and a massive level of injuries and deaths. I’m not a gambler and would never defend the gambling industry. But going after casinos while you are defending greyhound racing is more than two-faced and more than wacky.


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