Farm Sanctuary: Chickens are smarter than a 4-year-old human

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Bruce Friedrich of the Farm Sanctuary wrote an editorial concerning the intelligence level of chickens, published August 16 on the New York Daily News website.

Friedrich notes the Farm Sanctuary has been caring for rescued chickens and other animals for 25 years. They have “come to understand them as individuals with interests, desires, and personalities.” They respond to their names and react when they are called.

He references supporting research by the University of Bristol, where the studies suggest the chickens can be smarter than human toddlers. Chickens show a capacity for “empathy, navigation, communication, social interaction, transitive inference” and learning basic arithmetic.

We are learning so much more of late about animal cognition and state of consciousness. The studies are troubling for segments of society that might have a financial problem with this news getting out to general public. Some industries will resist humane methods of treatment for animals, because they will claim it cost more.

But the science is in and it can no longer be ignored.


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Quick – Surprise your loved one with a Farm Animal Adoption for Valentine’s Day

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I’m a bit late posting this, but here goes.

The Farm Sanctuary, billed as America’s largest farm animal rescue and protection organization, is hoping animal lovers will choose to Adopt A Farm Animal for a Valentine’s Day present this year, as opposed to the traditional flowers and candy.

You can sponsor a rescued cow, pig, sheep, goat, or chicken who resides at one of Farm Sanctuary’s three shelters in New York and California. The recipients will receive an adoption certificate, which features a color photograph, adoption card, and an invitation to schedule a VIP tour to meet their adopted friend.

From the Farm Sanctuary release:

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Farm Sanctuary is a special place. A place of healing. A place of understanding. A place of trust. And for some rescued residents such as Elle and Randy, Farm Sanctuary is a place to find true love.

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