Sears completely drops fur from its lineup

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More stores need to do what Sears just did. The retailer has completely dropped products made from real fur from its product line. The company had previously dropped fur from its stores and on, but this latest news means the specific section known as Marketplace at will be fur-free.

I received the news today from the Humane Society of the United States, along with a link to Wane Pacelle’s blog post about the announcement.

Pacelle notes some products labeled as “faux fur” have been found to have raccoon dog fur in them. As I’ve noted before, we no longer need to wear fur. There so many products available that either look like fur or function like fur. Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t true.

A number of other retailers of late have stopped carrying fur or at least have stopped selling products made from raccoon dog fur.

How any other retailers could still sell real fur – in 2013 – is beyond comprehension. The people who run these companies are either ignorant or cold-hearted.