Supporters of ag-gag laws are not offering proposals to protect animals from abuse

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Undercover video in any number of cases of late has exposed animal cruelty on factory farms and in at least one case where horses were being trained. The response has been diverse – from one side being outraged to the other side attempting to cover up any future cases of abuse.

I’m not hearing suggestions from the other side – suggestions that might help animals and end these abuses. I’m not seeing outrage from that side of the room. They are not crying out for unannounced inspections from state and federal authorities.

So since we know the abuses are occurring, we must have some sort of undercover investigations and surprise inspections. The states that are banning undercover video by animal-welfare organizations, should be required to fund law enforcement undercover operations – on a regular basis.

But my fear is that these industries will pay off or buy influence over state and federal agencies – the way the oil and gas industries have influence over the regulatory system.

The Denver Post reports the American Legislative Exchange Council, described as “a business advocacy group with hundreds of state representatives from farm states as members,” is creating model bills, “drafted by lobbyists and lawmakers.”

One of its model bills is “The Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act.” They want to tab the animal welfare organizations that trying to expose cruelty as terrorists.

We are losing influence to powerful entities – and within this trend, the environment and animals are suffering and human health is at risk.


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