All nations should ban unjustified animal testing

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I realize there have been reports of strides made in both human and veterinary medicine, as a result of laboratory testing on animals.

But we know for sure that in too many case animals have been abused – within the tests where the reported strides have been made and in completely unnecessary experiments.

My fear for a long time has been that some testing is going on where either all possible results were uncovered long ago and/or the only justification for continuing the studies is merely to keep the lab open.

A recent Reuters news story supports these fears. A group of US Congressmen are challenging research being conducted on monkeys at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) facility in Poolesville, Md.

The article notes macaques are being bred to study maternal deprivation, as some are “reportedly subjected to fear, stress, and pain-inducing tests.” This study has been going on for 30 years.

A letter was sent the NIH director that included the statement – “prominent experts . . . have raised questions about the scientific and ethical justification of these particular experiments.”

Yes, 30 years is far too long to be abusing monkeys in this way. If the researchers involved have not seen the results they’re looking for, they long ago stretched beyond the scope of their individual capabilities. We need to study human cases and help those humans who are suffering directly. I feel what the facility is doing is misguided and counterproductive to directly helping people in need.

Mental health issues have a reached a crisis point in the United States. We need people looking for real solutions.

No true scientist would be involved in any animal experimentation where the health and welfare of the animals is not being properly taken into account or where unnecessary experiments are being conducted. Anyone found to be engaged in activity counter to these guidelines should have their license to conduct research pulled and should face prosecution for animal cruelty.

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