Stunningly Clueless: TV show and guest promote puppy stores

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In an era where the horrors of puppy mills are gaining more and more attention on a national scale, we are still regularly reminded that the message needs even more exposure.

Stores that sell puppies are still in business because enough people are still uneducated concerning pass-production breeding operations. Too many people still operated under the false notion that they’ll know what they’re getting if they buy puppies in stores or by merely visiting a website.

It is one level of clueless to buy a puppy without visiting the breeding operation or otherwise taking steps to ensure the level of quality for the breeder – but it takes clueless to an extreme level to actually blindly promote buying puppies from stores.

Thanks should go out to Kathy and her blog “Raining Cats and Dogs” on the Chicago Now website for exposing a story that highlights clueless to Level 10.

Fox 32 Chicago aired a fluff piece leading up to Valentine’s Day, where a guest gleefully suggested that people surprise their loved one on the holiday with puppies from stores.

As Kathy rightfully noted in her blog post from Feb. 14, people should never give animals as surprise gifts – especially when it comes to this sort of purchase. Pets are a lifetime commitment – not a box of chocolates or a necklace.

Check out the video posted on link above and observe how happy the guest is to offer up such terrible advice. And the host just bubbles his way through the segment too.

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