Another politician who needs a science lesson

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It is on the one hand comical and other hand troubling and sad to continue to read statements from political leaders and pundits who are battling against science.

Too many are denying there is a human factor to climate change. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia is among ranks of those who either don’t understand the science at all or just want to deny science is real.

This week, Capito debated Natalie Tennant, her Democratic opponent for US Senate. From an interview after the debate, the Charleston Gazette quoted Capito as saying, “Is the climate changing? Yes it’s changing, it changes all the time, we heard it raining out there. I’m sure humans are contributing to it.”
She doesn’t know the difference between climate science and the daily weather outside. It is stunning on on off-the-charts scale.
If some politicians want to be puppets for Big Oil or some other set of corporations, why can’t they just be up front about it? These statements only scream out to show a lack of basic education. Do they really want to broadcast this about themselves?
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