A lack of understanding of basic logic can lead to statements that defy logic

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Oddly enough, the headline over an editorial published Sunday on the Globe and Mail website reads “Hunting for logic in the WTO’s seal-hunting ruling.”

The World Trade Organization recently upheld the European Union’s important ban on products imported from the Canadian seal hunts. It is a great ban, but the aforementioned editorial shows an opposition to it, noting other animals slaughtered for food are killed under inhumane conditions.

But suggesting we should not work to ease the suffering for one species, merely because other species are being treated horribly too, is far from logical. In fact, it is great that progress can be made in any areas possible.

And then there’s this from the piece:

On the contrary, the Canadian government insists the highly regulated seal hunt is humane, a claim supported by veterinarians who have studied it.

Who could logically claim beating an animal to death is humane? Clearly this is not the case. And the more science advances and uncovers, in terms of self-awareness in animals, the more the evidence mounts to show these acts are not humane. The statement above is based on old notions and has no basis in modern science and has no basis in our current understanding of what animals actually feel.

It’s time to put the old, antiquated thinking in the trash bin of history.

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